Mixed Dimensions Inc. Launches End-to-End 3D Printing Software Technology for Businesses and Consumers

San Francisco/Amman, April 15th 2014 – Mixed Dimensions Inc – (MXD3D), a 2013 Alchemist Accelerator startup that aims to democratize 3D Printing through a browser-based 3D design tool geared for the masses, is launching today in private beta. The launch includes the announcement of a Seed round of investment of a little under $1M from a group of Venture Funds and Angels in the USA, Europe and Middle-East, including the Badia Impact Fund and Ecosystem Ventures, alongside the Alchemist Accelerator.

MXD3D’s mission is to provide an End-to-End solution which is accessible to all users, allowing them to create or edit 3D content with an easy to use design software. The tool is powered by a marketplace where users can Share, Buy, Sell and Print their 3D models, either locally on their own printers or through 3D printing services companies such as Shapeways, Sculpteo and iMaterlize which have been integrated with the tools. MXD3D is also taking a step towards making product personalization a reality by offering enterprises and businesses the ability to embed the tools in their websites and enable their customers to personalize and print products immediately from their website.

As MXD’s CTO and Co-founder, Baha Abu Nojaim explains: “The core technology behind MXD3D generates 100% printable G-Code on the fly, removing one of the biggest blockers for 3D printing. Furthermore, it is designed to run on multiple platforms, in line with today’s multi-platform environments, and the need for a 3D design software that supports touch screens and the most basic and native tool, a user’s fingertip. We focused on making MXD3D community-driven, so that content created by users is stored in the cloud and shared with others directly from the editor. The editor is designed with a focus on ease-of-use and the utilization of the simplest concepts in life, like drawing, images and collaboration to generate 3D content easily. We designed MXD3D to utilize computer resources efficiently while on the browser or a tablet.”

Muhannad Taslaq, Co-founder and CEO of MXD3D, says: 3D Printing is the next big thing in Technology and will have an affect on our lives. One of the major issues that are standing in the way of 3D Printing is the availability of easy to use design software that can power the users to unleash their creativity – it’s just like going back and working inside your parent’s garage and just tinker. Much of the news in the 3D industry today is about hardware technology but if there is nothing to print or if the experience is not seamless, then it will be hard to sell a lot of printers”

Mr. Namek Zu’bi, Founder and Managing Partner of Silicon Badia says” Muhannad, Baha and the MXD3D team have consistently proven their ability to deliver great products, most recently taking their technical capabilities into the 3d modeling and 3d printing space, which is a hot and growing market. We are excited to help them take this opportunity on head-first”

About Mixed Dimensions Inc. 

Mixed Dimensions was incorporated in late 2012 by two online gaming engineers living in Amman, Jordan. Their frustration with the available 3D modeling tools for game development led them to start MXD3D. The result is a powerful yet extremely intuitive and simple to use browser based 3D design tool targeted at the general public. Other products include sophisticated 3D tools for the professional gaming developer (GameDraw®), printability technology for 3D printing and a trusted marketplace for users, designers and printing firms to connect. Incorporated in March of 2013 in Delaware and with its main base in San Carlos, California, MXD3D’s mission is to democratize the 3D modeling and printing industry. The company provides the whole workflow needed to print a 3D model, from searching in our gallery for an existing 3D model, modifying an existing file or creating something from scratch, all the way to getting the printable 3D file or sending it to a printing service.